Since joining Born Ready Fitness, in July I have lost 10cm from my hips, 8.5cm from my waist and over 1.5 stone! 

I joined 8 weeks after my second baby, determined to make a conscious effort to lose weight, get fit and eat healthy. I wanted to do this to be a good role model for my two little boys and to feel like me again. 

I was apprehensive about going to fitness classes so soon after having my baby, but the convenient times and locations of sessions worked perfectly for us. I could put the boys to bed and have some ‘me’ time working out with those, who I now regard as my friends. 

Chris was, and remains to be very consultative and encouraging. He tailored my exercises to my abilities and capabilities but pushed me to do my best every session. Chris identified areas that I needed to improve on and advised on the best way to do so. He also provided me with access to nutrition plans and food diaries to help with my diet, in order to achieve the best results. 

With his enthusiasm and passion for his Born Ready members to succeed, I was able to achieve these results in just over 4 months, when it took me over 18 months after having my first baby.

There is a very supportive, positive and friendly culture at the classes and this built my confidence in continuing to attend the classes, to stick to the healthy eating plans… and to run Battle 10K in September with the support of the Born Ready team! 


With consistent regular training, I've maintained a healthy, active lifestyle and kept the weight off. I've improved my running too this year, beat some personal bests and completed the 17 mile 1066 Way to Battle run which was amazing! Now setting my sights on big exciting challenges for 2017.


When I decided to join Born Ready Fitness and train with Chris Hawkes, I was nervous to say the least. I had spoken to people who already trained with him and had heard only good things. I wanted to get several things out of this training – weight loss (of course) but most important to me was to be fit and healthy for as long as possible after having lost so many people in my family as a very young age.


I started doing twice a week at Body Blast classes and really enjoyed them. I liked the variety and never knowing what to expect. They were really tough and I struggled a lot but Chris adapted exercises to suit my capabilities. After a few sessions I decided to take the plunge and sign up for some Personal Training with Chris. He discussed with me everything that I wanted to get out of it and set me some realistic goals.


I started very slowly with weights in one session and a little running/walking in another session. As time went on I started to feel some improvement on my fitness level and began to lose a bit of

weight. I also started to develop small muscles.


Chris has shared with me so many healthy eating options and I find this the hardest part of the whole thing. Some weeks it is easy, that’s when I have planned in advance, but I do have bad weeks and slip into old habits. I discuss this with Chris and we move on with a “new week” as you cannot undo the past but you can get better. I was amazed on return from my holiday in September, that I had not put on any weight and in fact had lost a little. I think this is because I now have more energy and did some exercise whilst away.


I started to notice other differences that I hadn’t even considered before such as my resting heart rate. When I started this was about 87 and now has been down as low as 58 meaning my heart was getting more healthy. Also, my recovery rate after exercise was also much improved.

I have continued throughout the year with both Body Blast classes and PT and have succeeded in so many things. I managed to get my first ever medal for taking part in the Race for Life, something I never thought I would be able to do, not being a natural runner. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and heading toward to then next size down in jeans. I have lost weight (about 2 stone), gained muscle and become a lot stronger. 


I can now wear clothes that I had put away as I never thought I would ever fit in them again. 


Chris reviews my progress and sets me new goals as the weeks go on all of which are pushing me harder and further but I manage to get there through determination and support.


There is a massive difference in my stamina and fitness levels and also the way I look and people are noticing, not least my husband who doesn’t normally say anything!!


At 57, I never thought I could do this and certainly don’t feel my age any more. I have tough times and feel I will never manage some of the exercises but through encouragement from Chris and the wonderful people I train with at Body Blast I get through this and I really enjoy my training and feel pleased with myself for getting out there and doing it.


I like so many suffer with silent illness. Bipolar, anxiety, and an eating disorder. I thought that I wouldn't be able to take part in group activities.


I was nervous, scared and afraid of what others would think or if I would be able to keep up. One of my best friends was already training with Chris at born ready and she persuaded me to give it a go. I was pretty nervous about going but I needn't have been/


Everyone is so friendly, supportive and all at different levels. I soon felt like I had been a part of Born Ready forever. I made new friends, I gained confidence and took on many new challenges. I learnt so much about nutrition that it helped with my eating disorder.


My anxiety when with the group gets less and I get part of me back. I have always struggled to fit in but now I do and I'm part of a family. The Born Ready Fitness Family.


Yes it was hard to make that first step but anything that's worth doing always is. I have never looked back and now am starting on my next huge adventure and with the support and knowledge from Chris and the gang I'm taking on my first ever marathon! I'm not fast but I have the dream so I'm gonna chase it. You can chase your dreams too and with the support of Born Ready Fitness, you'll reach them!


Born Ready Fitness is an amazing group of people led by Chris Hawkes.


I thought I would give it a go as I wanted to loose a few pounds not thinking I would last very long. Well who would have thought I would be still doing it 18 months later.


I am now fitter, have lost weight and feel great. I have also completed my first half marathon, something I thought would be totally beyond me.


It just goes to show what a brilliant group it is, the classes are hard work but fun and with so much support from everyone and it doesn't matter where you are starting from! - Just commit and Chris and the Born Ready Family will welcome and help you to reach your goals and even help you with you with eating plans .


I have made so many changes and improved my health and fitness so much since joining and now I say yes I can do that - and don't say I can't I'm too old or I'm too unfit and so on .


Chris is there to help you every step of the way and will always find time for you whatever the goal is.


Being part of the Born ready family is now not a quick fix for me but a lifestyle choice.


A big thank you to Chris and the Born Ready family for making it all happen.


I first started training with Chris about 10 months ago with the goal of losing weight and getting fitter and healthier. I had no idea what to expect but Chris has been fantastic and the results have been amazing.


I have mainly done PT sessions but also some group sessions too. Both are awesome and you are always made really welcome by the Born Ready Fitness family.


When I first started I struggled to walk around Battle rec carrying two weights but with Chris' guidance and specialist training plans I have done three events including the Hastings Half Marathon.


Chris has literally changed my life. I am fitter, healthier and lost over 8 stone. I still have a few more to go but I know I will get there if I follow Chris’ plans. I also look forward to my PT sessions



Chris not only provides the bespoke training which is always different and tailored to your specific needs and ability but also provides nutritional support and guidance. Chris truly cares for his clients and provides all you need to succeed.


All you need to give him is effort and commitment and Chris will provide everything else. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone serious about wanting to become fitter, healthier and lose weight.


I've been training now with Born Ready Fitness for  3 years... 

In those 3 years I have attended over 300 training sessions as I believe consistency is key! 

For the last 7 months I have completed Personal Training sessions once a week alongside circuit classes. I am really pleased with the progress I have seen in my regular fitness testing and love that I am hitting some great personal records with some pretty impressive weights for a girl!!

I feel the strongest I have ever felt, my fitness is in a good place and continues to improve.

Earlier this year (2017), I completed a 26 mile hike from Brighton to Eastbourne, something I never thought I would be capable of completing, but with the help and support of Born Ready Fitness I did it and in a great time too.

In the last few years I have lost a lot of weight and made some amazing friends.

Thank you Chris and all the Born Ready Family!! 


I feel amazing after completing my latest PT program with Chris Hawkes.

Since the beginning of April (2016) I have lost another 5cm from waist and 6cm from my hips that's now 12Ibs lost since January and 3 stone since I first started training back in September 2014.

I have loved every minute of my training, I never thought that I would see the day I could actually lift weights properly, let alone enjoy it, be it hanging off a goal post on a TRX for an hour or doing nose to floor press ups.

Every session has been tough, but Chris has pushed and encouraged me even when I thought I couldn't do it.

We needed to make some changes to my nutrition plan after my weight loss slowed and stopped and the advice Chris has given me massively helped!! At first I was scared to about eating more and worried I would put on weight, but I trusted the process he laid out, went for it and it payed off.

I'm loving being able to eat more and being more creative with my meal choices, I feel like I have now kicked my sugar addiction and it doesn't feel like a chore sticking to healthy eating anymore.

The scales and tape measure have proved that everything Chris has asked me to works amazingly.

I feel the best I have for a long time. Thank You!! X


After recovering from a serious knee injury that kept me out of football for nearly 18 months, I decided in preparation for my first season back to try out PT sessions with Chris.


With having such a long time away from the pitch and full fitness I felt that I needed some help and guidance along the way. Being from a footballing background I thought I knew quite a bit but I was amazed by all the new techniques and training styles that Chris was able to implement within my sessions.


The combination of strength, power and speed within the sessions were extremely football specific. I have now gone back to pre--season training with Lewes FC and can honestly say that thanks to the help of Chris I have never started pre-season as fit as I have this year.


I really look forward to continuing and seeing the progress I make with his help throughout the season. 

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