BODY BLAST is a fun fitness session suitable for people of all levels of fitness.


Almost every session is different to keep your body guessing, your training challenging and to make sure your fitness is progressing.


You'll take part in lots of different activities, including strength training using weights and balls, high intensity body-weight intervals designed to burn fat fast and running to improve your cardiovascular fitness and stamina.


Varied training will help you avoid plateaus, deliver better full-body results and  make your time training more fun and interesting.

FiTFiX  is a fantastic, energising 45 minute Bodyweight ViiT (Variable Intensity Interval Training) class.


Sometimes you'll be pushing hard and puffing with your heart rate soaring, other times we'll slow it right down, focus on building strength and will include some core conditioning too.


Sessions don't usually involve equipment but occasionally we mix it up!


Suitable for all fitness levels - exercises can be adapted for the beginner or more advanced client.

BLAZE is a sweaty, fat burning, fantastic high energy bodyweight class. Inspired by some of the best bits from well known, popular, tried and tested fitness programs.


Lots of new moves and combos guaranteed to get your heart pumping, muscles burning, fat crying and pushing your fitness to new levels.

GUIDED RUNS  on most Sunday mornings we have a group long guided run session to help you improve your running endurance and to train towards any events you might be gearing up for. These sessions are usually between 1 and 2 hours long, covering distances between 5 and 13 miles. Experience awesome trail running routes across the beautiful Sussex countryside and amazing road routes taking in the local towns, villages and landmarks. PLEASE CONTACT US TO DISCUSS YOUR RUNNING ABILITY BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR THIS CLASS

BORN TO RUN - Run Club

Training for an event? 5K, 10K, Half Marathon? Or just want to get started with running?

There's more to running than just lacing up those shoes and hitting the tarmac.......

• Breathing
• Pacing
• Technique
• Building Strength and Speed
• Stretching, Recovery 
•.... and more!

This class is for all abilities! So why not come and learn in a positive, supportive, team environment where you'll never be left behind.

It doesn't matter how slow you go - you're still lapping everyone whose sitting at home on the couch.

Various meeting points - keep an eye on Facebook for meeting point updates


OCR-FiT  Our popular OCR-FiT will soon be making a return to our timetable! Watch this space for more information. This class is inspired by popular Obstacle Course Races (OCR) like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Rat Race and The Nuts Challenge. Our mission is to get you ready take on these awesome fun, challenging and often muddy events. Whether its your first race or your'e a regular, we want to help get you fit and ready to make the finish line, tackle the obstacles and have a whole load of fun!

A multi-terrain, outdoor fitness class. Sometimes you'll be in the woods and fields getting wet and muddy, other times we'll use the urban landscape and good old fashioned tarmac. This class involves running muddy trails, building strength and endurance with body weight fitness challenges and sometimes working with and carrying items like kettlebells, sandbags, weights and even logs!