Chris Hawkes

Personal Trainer


I started Born Ready Fitness  because I want to create a community of like minded people who have the shared goals of being active, fit, healthy, and helping others around us. To show that with just a little drive, determination and passion, amazing things can be achieved.


I believe exercise should be varied, accessible to all, affordable and most importantly fun.


Whatever your goals are, starting a new healthy lifestyle, losing weight, improving fitness, meeting new friends or taking on a new challenge. I'm here to help you take those first steps, build your confidence and provide all the support you need. 

We're all normal people who neglect our health sometimes and need a push in the right direction - what have you got to lose? Get in touch today and rediscover what you were Born Ready to do!




Personal Trainer


Hey Everyone, I'm Hattie.

I've worked for Nuffield Health for 5 years. I started my career in Covent Garden, London but recently transferred to Tunbridge Wells to find my 'balance' between work and life. Throughout this time I have gained so much valuable experience and knowledge. I currently work as a 'wellbeingpersonal trainer' where my job role consists of training clients, delivering health assessments and teaching classes.


I teach a whole range of amazing classes including Spin, Les MIlls Grit, HIIT, legs bums and tums, core and am currently learning Pilates. 


I have a strong belief that optimum fitness can only be achieved when we have balance. So my focus when training individuals is to get your body functioning optimally by ensuring we have mobility and stability around the joints. Once this is achieved, we can develop your speed, strength and power to ultimately reach your goal and keep you fit for life.